Emergency Vehicle Creator


The Redon Tech Emergency Vehicle Creator is a plugin for Roblox inspired by Siren Tool by Dawnstar FiveM. This plugin aims to make the creation of emergency vehicles on Roblox faster and easier for everyone, while being 100% free and open source.


  • ELS Creation
  • Saving/Loading Patterns
  • Exporting as a standard ELS controller
  • Custom A-Chassis plugin for ELS controlling
  • AG-Chassis support
  • Rotators
  • Fading Light Support

Planned Features

  • And much more features yet to be disclosed!


Roblox Pluginhttps://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/9953321418
YouTube Playlisthttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7OqW0xeBKZS8bAp3brrfSdLxg55_m9j4

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