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Where cost doesn’t make a difference in quality, Redon Tech is a community focused on creating free & open-source projects for the community while being as high-quality as possible.

Our Services

What we do for the community


We create amazing Roblox Plugins that many people use, these plugins make developing much easier!


We make scripts that people use within games to improve gameplay! All our scripts are made to be fast and free!

Discord Bots

We create Discord bots which are used within many servers our company helps with!


We create amazing experiences for everyone! Our games are made to be fun and enjoyable!


What People Say About us

No matter the problem, our technology can handle it! 

We at Horizon Roleplay use Redon Tech for our Fire System. We are currently in alpha but we are happy and delighted with the products they provide. Very easy and effortless to set up. We recommend any Role Play game to use the wonderful systems and technology they provide.


Horizon Roleplay

Redon Tech offers high-quality products that many role-play groups genuinely need, but which would either be prohibitively expensive elsewhere, or would simply not exist.


RoNation Owner


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