Opening The Developer Console

Often when you are experiencing troubles with one of our projects we may ask you to use the developer console to look for any errors.

You can open the developer console in studio using the “Output” menu, and in the Roblox Player by using the hotkey or escape menu.

Opening Output (Roblox Studio)

To open the output window in Roblox studio you need to go to View -> and click Ouput

View -> Output

Opening Developer Console (Roblox Player)

To open the developer console, you can either use the hotkey F9 or you can use the escape menu and from setting turn on developer console.

Inside the Roblox Player, the server and client output are separated, please be sure to take screenshots/look within both. It can be changed on the top left of the developer console window.

Special Thanks

This guides screenshots were provided by, kai (@JustAnAverageGui_X)
Thank you!

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